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Instilling a savings habit is among the most profound lessons we can impart to the next generation. Pair that with a strategic financial boost and the marvel of compound interest, and you're bestowing a genuine gift of education that endlessly benefits.

Rethinking Traditional Gift Ideas


Any child’s eyes might light up at excitement over video games, the latest tech, or the trendiest toys. But lurking amongst these sought-after items is a treasure many overlook but will significantly value in adulthood: the gift of education with the added benefit of compounding interest.



What is Compound Interest?


With compound interest, your money has the chance to grow not just on the initial deposit but also on any interest it has previously garnered. It's a way to see your savings bloom over time, creating a ripple effect.


Simple vs Compound Interest


When diving into the world of savings and investments, it's essential to grasp the distinction between two interest types. Simple interest, quite straightforwardly, is drawn only from the initial sum, or from any part of that sum that remains untouched. On the other hand, compound interest takes into account both the principal and any previously earned interest, allowing for exponential growth over time.


Gifts with Lasting Impact


Amidst the backdrop of inflation and the possibility of higher interest rates, it's worth pondering our gifting choices. While tangible items may bring fleeting happiness, the enduring advantages of a savvy investment might outweigh even the most desired gifts, giving a lifelong gift of education.


Adding even a modest amount to a savings pot can spark a journey into the realms of financial literacy, offering lessons on simple vs compound interest and the inherent power of persistent savings.



Fostering Future Financial Gurus


Introducing youngsters to the wonders of compound interest is more than just a math's lesson. It’s about understanding savings, interests, and long-term investments. Through this gift of education, they grasp the distinctions between simple vs compound interest and witness firsthand the growth of their funds.


Considering the unique challenges that lie ahead, especially with Australia's soaring education expenses, such knowledge becomes invaluable.


Guiding the Upcoming Generations


Futurity Investment Group's findings highlight the changing landscape our young ones will step into. With shifting career paths and the escalating costs of education in Australia, mastering concepts like compound interest is more crucial than ever.


However, with the upcoming intergenerational wealth transfer, we're presented with an opportunity. By leveraging the power of compound interest, we can help younger generations navigate their futures with greater confidence.


We can help Futurity help?


Futurity’s EdSaver is designed as an easy way for you to start tax-effective investing and saving for your family’s future education expenses today.


You can start with as little as $1,000 upfront with an ongoing Savings Plan of at least $200 per month or make an initial contribution of $5,000 or more with no Savings Plan.


When you apply for our EdSaver, there is no minimum term and you’re not locked into a set Savings Plan.


Discover more about how EdSaver can help you give the gift of compounding interest to a child, grandchild, or someone else you care about.


Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Earnings, and therefore the benefit of compound interest, are not guaranteed. Education Bonds are designed to be a long-term investment.