Who we are

We are an independent and mutually structured financial institution and Australia’s leading issuer of tax-effective, life-event Education Bonds.

Our primary purpose is to enable our members to attain financial self-sufficiency to meet lifelong education objectives for themselves and their families.

We are owned by our 48,000+ members, rather than shareholders. We use our expertise in tax and investment markets to provide innovative tax-effective solutions to support the education journeys of Australian and New Zealand families.

With total assets of $1.01 billion, our financial strength and capital reserves enable us to meet our long-term commitments to members through all investment cycles.

Since our inception in 1974, more than 570,000 children have received education benefits and $3.8 billion paid to our members and their education beneficiaries. Futurity is an APRA regulated and supervised financial institution.
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Futurity Investment Group

Our history

Futurity has been supporting the education journeys of Australian and New Zealand families for over 49 years.

We do this primarily through financial returns to members in addition to providing mutual value by supporting education through our community investment, our advocacy and through the passion of our people.

For our members, we offer future financial security to help them achieve long-term goals of accessing quality education for their families. Our tax-effective investment products help families to budget for the cost of education.

In addition to the value we provide to members through our education savings and investment products, it is in our DNA to represent members‘ education interests with strong and active advocacy. We continue to create awareness of and stimulate debate on important issues, such as the cost of education, and on increasing the accessibility and affordability of education.
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Futurity Investment Group

Our members at the heart of everything we do.

Our Vision and Purpose

Our vision is that everyone has access to the education and lifelong learning opportunities needed to fulfil their aspirations.

We support this vision through:

  • Providing our members financial products to assist them to save and plan for the lifelong education costs of themselves, their families, and others dear to them
  • Advocating for a quality education that is affordable, accessible, and inclusive across all sectors of society
  • Philanthropic activities that break down barriers and enable educational pathways to disadvantaged sectors of our community.
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