Education Bonds

Education Bonds are a great way to start saving and investing for your family’s future education needs. They deliver the same benefits as other traditional investments and saving options, with the bonus of additional unique features. These features help make it a flexible, tax effective and dedicated education fund to cover a lifetime of education expenses and more.

What is an Education Bond?

What are the benefits of an Education Bond?

Futurity Education Bonds are designed for you to tax-effectively save and invest to accumulate the funding for your education-purposed objectives. The flexible structure gives you full control and access to your funds at any time, both for making Education Benefit Claims and withdrawals for any purpose.

Plus, Education Bonds offer a level of comfort when it comes to estate planning. Providing certainty for how and when your wealth will be distributed with will-like Bond Estate Nominations to achieve tax-effective inheritances.

What’s special about Futurity’s Education Bonds?

Futurity offers the first ever Family Education Bond in Australia which gives you discretion to appoint multiple Education Beneficiaries under the one tax-effective, flexible Bond. Alternatively, our Individual Education Bonds allow you to tailor separate investments for each beneficiary.

Our ground-breaking Education Bond product range also offers ‘Will-like’ tax-effective inheritances, so your Bond’s proceeds are distributed to your chosen nominees on a tax-free basis and in line your wishes.

EdSaver versus EdInvestor

You can establish your Education Bond through either EdSaver or EdInvestor


EdSaver provides a streamlined application journey and introduces you to our Family Education Bond’s essential features and offers you a selection from our full Investment Menu. Over time, your Education Bond can grow and adjust as your needs change, and to help you make the most out of your Education Bond we will provide you with information about features that might suit you as your journey continues.


Through EdInvestor, you can make the most of Education Bond's full set of options including its estate planning and intergenerational planning features upfront. You can also choose whether to set up a Family Education Bond for multiple Education beneficiaries, or an Individual Education Bond with one Education Beneficiary nominated per Bond.

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Appoint multiple Education Beneficiaries under the one tax-effective, flexible Bond.

    Tailor separate investments for each beneficiary.

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