Secure your loved ones future

Planning for your family’s life-long education is a big responsibility and Futurity can make that important task a lot easier with our dedicated range of savings and investment products. These unique, flexible, tax-advantaged Education Bonds are crafted with flexibility to support various financial needs, from funding education to ensuring wealth is passed down through generations.

As an independent and mutually structured financial institution, we take pride in being Australia's foremost issuer of tax-effective Education Bonds, designed to support life events and educational aspirations.

Education Bonds

Innovative, tax-effective solutions to help you save and invest for your family’s education

Explore our ground-breaking range of Education Bonds with an expansive investment menu and a competitive and transparent fee structure.

Our Bonds have the flexibility and features to help you save and invest for a full spectrum of lifelong education courses - whether serving families across multiple generations or tailored for individual beneficiaries.
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