Our impact

Impact and Supporting Reconciliation

Our Impact

While enabling our Members to achieve their lifelong learning aspirations through our unique Education Bonds, we also strive to deliver broader positive impact for our Members and the community. We do this by seeking to influence the quality and accessibility of education in Australia through research, thought leadership, advocacy and targeted philanthropic endeavours.

As we deliver the broad scope of our mutual value, we strive to understand and minimise any unwanted impacts on people, the planet or the economy.

Through our research, thought leadership and advocacy initiatives we seek to understand and influence the education ecosystem in which we operate for the benefit of Members and the broader community.

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Supporting Reconciliation

As an inclusive, education-purposed mutual organisation, Futurity is committed to taking meaningful action to advance Reconciliation with our Indigenous communities. Consistent with our vision, we hope that through this process we can play a small part in helping to improve these outcomes.

Futurity is taking a deliberately methodical and sensitive approach to the development of our first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), acknowledging both the limitations of our knowledge and the complexity of the challenge.

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