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From the Baby Boomers to Gen Alpha and beyond, the proposed changes to Superannuation may directly affect a small percentage of retirees, but their impact extends far beyond.

If you're planning to pass down wealth to future generations , these changes to super provide an opportunity to explore alternative investment options and ensure a secure financial future for your family.


Understanding the Proposed changes to Super


Starting from 1 July 2025, the Australian Government plans to apply a 30% concessional tax rate to Super balances exceeding $3 million.


While this change will directly impact a limited number of individuals, it highlights the need to consider various investment avenues for transferring wealth to your loved ones.

Planning for Your Family's Financial Well-being


When it comes to securing your family's financial future, it's important to explore investment options beyond Superannuation.
These alternatives can offer additional benefits and help you make the most of your intergenerational wealth transfer strategy.

Wealth Transfer: Building a Legacy


Over the next 20 years in Australia, a staggering $3.5 trillion of wealth from older generations will be passed down or spent. This presents a unique opportunity to shape the financial landscape for future generations.
By carefully planning and considering various investment avenues, you can create a lasting legacy for your family.

Expanding Your Investment Horizons


While Superannuation remains an essential part of wealth management, it's worth considering other investment products that can complement your overall strategy, especially when taking the proposed changes to Super into account.
Diversifying your portfolio can help maximize returns and provide additional security for your family's future.

Investment Options Beyond Super


One often overlooked avenue is Education Bonds. These bonds offer a tax-efficient investment solution with a range of benefits.
By investing in Education Bonds, you can enhance your intergenerational wealth transfer strategy and provide your family with a solid foundation for their future.

Benefits of Education Bonds for Wealth Transfer


Education Bonds not only provide tax advantages but also offer secure and confidential arrangements for transferring wealth.
These bonds enable tax-effective distribution to your chosen beneficiaries without the complexities and potential legal challenges associated with other methods.

Unlocking Opportunities with Education Bonds


Education Bonds offer flexibility and control over your intergenerational wealth transfer plans.


You have the freedom to make withdrawals at any time for any purpose, add or remove beneficiaries, and set up education provisions for your loved ones.


These bonds ensure that your family's financial needs are met, both now and in the future.

Securing Your Family's Financial Future


By considering Education Bonds and other investment avenues, you can build a robust and diverse portfolio that will support your family's financial well-being for years to come.

Discover More about Education Bonds


To learn more about how Education Bonds can help you secure your family's financial future, explore the opportunities available and start planning for a lasting legacy.
And if you have any questions about how we can help you, speak with your financial adviser about Futurity’s Education Bond range. Or, get in touch with us!