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We’re offering more access to responsible investing. Our expanded Education Bond Investment Menu provides more flexibility in making tax-effective investments, including more access to responsible investing.

Tax-effective investments, your way


We know making tax-effective investments for education is not a one-size-fits-all process. That’s why we’ve added more options to our already diverse investment menu. And since we value responsible investing, we’ve put a strong focus on responsible investment.


What’s new?


Our ten new investment options have been carefully selected to offer more flexibility and choice for our Members’ investment strategies, as well as easy and affordable access to leading Australian and international investment managers. The new options include:

  • Actively Managed Diversified options;
  • Active and Indexed International Fixed Interest options; and
  • Four new Ethical and Sustainable options

Peter Taubman - Group Executive - Investments, said the new investment options were carefully selected. “We’ve partnered with top tier investment managers to provide greater choice.”


With the expanded menu, there’s even more scope to devise strategies that harness the Education Tax Benefit to help produce superior ‘after-tax’ outcomes.


We’re especially pleased to have added to our suite of responsible investment options. Investors are commonly turning to ethical investment, and socially responsible investing. It means as much to us as it does to a growing number of our Members.


We prioritise responsible investing…


We take our commitment to responsible investing seriously. That’s why we aim to invest in excess of 90% of total funds under management with investment managers who are signatories to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPR) and/or the United National Global Compact (UNGC).


Our four new responsible investment options are invested into Underlying Managed Funds [UMFs] managed by specialist managers that focus on Environmental, Social and Governance factors and sustainable investment principles.


… And we’re not alone


Investors are increasingly wanting to put their money where their values are. Now more than ever, people care about community wellbeing and the impact organisations can have on the future. We hear about it a lot in our conversations with Members and Financial Advisers.


Dynasty Wealth Advisers managing director, Gail Gadd has seen a jump in clients requesting more socially responsible investment options.


“The push for ethical investment is becoming more important, particularly for men and women less than 40 years of age,” Ms Gadd said. “They don’t want to invest in companies that could be on the news for all the wrong reasons.”


Sustainable investing for tax-effective investments


Today’s children and young adults face an uncertain future. Jobs and career paths are becoming more and more fluid, making lifelong learning an increasingly important part of life, all while the cost of education is rising.


At the same time, concerns about the future of the planet and our society have never been more potent. With that in mind, it could be a good time to include a responsible investment for education in your financial plan.


Through sustainable investing in tax-effective investments, parents and grandparents can help provide their loved ones with the means to navigate the cost of lifelong learning, while also looking at the bigger picture.


Astute Brisbane Central Financial Adviser, Damon Inness said clients want to know where their money is going.


“We used to talk about asset allocation. Now we talk about what do you want to invest in,” Mr Inness said “People having children want to provide their kids with a financial leg-up and feel good doing it.”


We’re here to help


With Futurity Education Bonds, you can benefit from tax-effective investing while putting your money into funds with a responsible investing focus.


Our goal is to deliver long-term value without comprising people, the planet, our community, and the economy through supporting Responsible Investing and Sustainability.


Our wide range of options for investing in our education can cater to your needs and preferences, including your values and appetite for risk.


If you’d like to know more about how we can help you set yourself or someone you care about up for lifelong learning, speak with your Financial Adviser about the Futurity Education Bonds range or get in touch with.