Futurity’s Impact

Since its inception in 1974, Futurity has supported tens of thousands of families to save and invest for long-term education needs through the provision of tax effective financial products and services.

Over one million people have played a role at the heart of our entirely member owned organisation as either members or education beneficiaries.

We resolutely believe in the power of education to change lives and constantly seek to promote our vision of a society where everyone has access to quality education, including through the financial products we offer and our community impact.

As a mutually structured for-purpose organisation, we have a long-standing commitment to the idea that people achieve more together. This means we operate with what we like to call a ‘mutual mindset’ - putting members’ interests first for mutual benefit.

Drawing on our roots as a friendly society, we value people’s self-determination to take their future needs into their own hands.

Saving and investing over the long term for life goals makes great sense, and for us, education is the most important.

Impact of a Mutual

Our ‘mutual mindset’ creates real benefits for members and means their interests come first.

For a start, the Futurity Board is comprised entirely of Futurity members. Apart from their Directors’ duties, the Board represent members’ interests at the highest level of our organisation and ensure Futurity is creating value for members every single day.

Almost all our staff are members too, which means our effort is totally focused on securing great member outcomes.

When we say we put members’ interests first, we mean it. We continue to invest surplus funds in tangible member benefits including:
  • Voluntary capital distributions back to members and their education beneficiaries from time to time.

  • Lower fees due to not having shareholders and not paying out dividends.

  • Provision of high-quality, onshore, personalised member care supported by online member portals and a mobile app.

  • Assistance for members who find themselves in financial hardship or experiencing personal difficulty.

Community Impact

Through our impact program, Futurity extends our ‘mutual mindset’ beyond just our own organisation to the broader community by:

The establishment of the Futurity Education Foundation (FEF) in 2021 signals a step change in the potential impact the organisation can have.
Futurity directs five percent of member fees annually to the FEF, supporting philanthropy that breaks down barriers to quality education for disadvantaged and marginalised sectors of the community.
A key partner on this journey to date has been The Smith Family. Futurity has continuously supported this charity for almost 20 years and is directly funding the needs of up to 70 disadvantaged students per annum.

Teaching Excellence

Since 1994, Futurity has fully funded and managed the National Excellence in Teaching Awards (NEiTA) program which recognises and celebrates our very best teachers across Australia and New Zealand. You can learn more about NEiTA and nominate a teacher who deserves to be recognised here.

Advocacy and Sustainability

Futurity prides itself on helping to shape education policy on members’ behalf through our advocacy efforts, especially where decision making impacts on the cost, access, affordability or quality of education.

We are also ensuring we operate sustainably as a business and are taking steps to mitigate our impact on climate change, including quantifying our Greenhouse Gas Emissions and developing our Responsible Investment Policy.

Contributing to reconciliation with First Nations Peoples through our Reconciliation Action Plan is a key tenant of our sustainability work, and equally forms the basis for the FEF’s initial mission.

Futurity also creates impact by engaging positively and deeply with our professional industry association, the Business Council for Cooperatives and Mutuals (BCCM), to ensure the longevity and success of the mutual sector to which Futurity belongs.

Our ‘mutual mindset’ is what drives us to deliver sustained value for members, and we are proud of the way this sets Futurity apart.