More than education!

Our bonds offer wealth and estate planning security for your clients

As a financial adviser, you're focused on helping clients feel confident in reaching for a better tomorrow. When preparing a financial plan, you’re the expert in weighing up how multiple needs and goals can be achieved with each investment.

Flexibility and choice, tax effectiveness and savvy intergenerational estate planning features often rising to the top of must-haves in your client’s investment mix.

That’s why a Futurity Education Bond might be the smart, simple and secure investment to add to your clients portfolio. Because our bonds are about so much more than education. We’re committed to providing your clients with a unique product that helps meet their multiple needs in one convenient and simple to administer bond.

Why choose an education bond over an investment bond?

An education bond offers all the same benefits as a traditional investment bond, with the added benefit of additional features you and your clients will love.

A $40 billion dollar opportunity

More than $40billion a year is spent on education from private sources. So when you stop to think about it, there’s a pretty good chance your clients are going to be faced with this rising cost for their children and grandchildren.

So adding an education bond into their investment mix can help give them benefits they won’t find elsewhere.

Because unlike other child or education purposed investment and savings products, our bonds offer an unrivalled level of flexibility. Including the ability to:

  • access capital tax free at any time for any purpose
  • access the education tax benefit
  • add or remove beneficiaries at any time
  • add a Bond Guardian

Making your life as an adviser easier

As much as your primary goal is to provide the best investment options for your client, it doesn’t hurt when the investment provider makes your life a little easier too, with a convenient and simple to administer bond.

We know for financial investment advisers, anything that can save you time and effort is a win-win. Because our bonds can be adjusted to meet the needs of your clients as their circumstances change, you’ll save having to change to separate investments down the track.

Plus our bonds are flexible enough to cover a range of your clients goals all in one. Such as intergenerational life events from children’s and grandchildren’s education, family trusts, wealth transfers, and effective estate planning. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of investing really.

Unlock Potential with education bonds that offer more than education


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