Maximise Education Savings

Futurity Education Bonds are medium to long term products designed to invest for education costs in a tax-effective way. They're ideal for funding a wide range of educational expenses across all life stages. Withdrawals for educational expenses are paid from your Bond's earnings and attract a tax benefit, adding extra value to your withdrawals.

What is the Education Tax Benefit?

The Education Tax Benefit is an additional amount added to the earnings withdrawn from an Education Bond when used for education expenses. It represents a refund of the tax already paid by Futurity on the investment earnings and effectively gives you $30 back for every $70 taken from your bond’s earnings.

Eligible expenses to claim Education Tax Benefit

Eligible Education Expenses are education expenses which are reasonably incurred by, or on behalf of, Education Beneficiaries undertaking Eligible Education Courses. They can be within Australia or overseas and extend from pre-school right through to adult education. Courses can be undertaken in a variety of ways from full-time study through to self-directed learning or casual courses.

Eligible Education expenses include:

  • Course and Tuition Fees
  • Hidden add-on expenses
  • Living away from home expenses
  • Travel expenses to attend courses
  • Student Loan Repayment
  • Student Union Fees

Eligible Education Courses include:

  • Pre-school and Early Learning
  • Primary and Secondary school
  • Higher Education
  • Vocational Education and Training
  • Special Education
  • Indigenous Education
  • Career enhancing courses
  • Adult Education courses
  • Ongoing accreditation