Estate planning and wealth transfer

Education Bonds are distinct from other assets, making them invaluable for those concerned about potential challenges to their will and estate. The flexibility offered with the Futurity Education Bond gives a tax effective structure which can support planning around education as a life event and further assist investors with tax effective investing, estate planning and specific intergenerational wealth transfer strategies.

Estate Planning Benefits with Education Bonds

Futurity introduces Australia's first-ever Family Education Bond, allowing the nomination of multiple beneficiaries under a single, flexible, and tax-efficient investment. For those seeking more personalised solutions, Individual Education Bonds cater to separate beneficiaries, ensuring tailored investment strategies.

Intergenerational wealth planning with Education Bonds:

Multiple Beneficiary Appointments: Allocate wealth precisely among several beneficiaries.

'Will-Like' Inheritances: Specify tax-effective distributions, ensuring wealth transfers align with your clients wishes.

Generational Ownership Transfers: Seamlessly pass bond ownership through generations, maintaining educational or other funding along family lines.

Key features for comprehensive estate planning:

Bond Guardian: Keeps the bond active beyond the owner's death, directly benefiting the named beneficiaries.

Bond Estate Nomination: On the owner’s death, the bond is closed, and funds are distributed as per the owner's directives.

Transfer Options: Choose from immediate or future transfers to manage how and when bond ownership shifts, enhancing long-term educational or financial planning.

Transfer Features:

Future Transfer: Allows for the planned transition of bond ownership at a predetermined time. This could be triggered by the original owner's death or when a beneficiary reaches a significant age, such as 21, making it ideal for long-term planning.

Immediate Transfer: Offers the flexibility for the bond ownership to change hands immediately as desired by the owner, providing a dynamic tool for immediate wealth transfer.